EMF Shielding for Cellphones


Anti Radiation Cell Phone Cases:

For those people sensitive to EMFs and concerned about cellphone radiation, this two-pocket case is the perfect solution. With this anti-radiation phone case your cellphone can be carried in your pocket or purse next to your body, with an EMF barrier shield next to you so that no EMF (microwave radiation) can inadvertently penetrate from the device into your body. OR it can be placed into a second pocket (in the rear of the pouch) where it will have its signals entirely blocked resulting in no EMF exposure for you or those in your vicinity at all.

This  Cellphone Case is an effective and reasonably priced tool for blocking EMF for your personal safety, as well as your privacy (read more about credit card safety blocking below!

It also is a helpful place to keep your cellphone in the car when you are driving so you will not be distracted by an unimportant phone call or text message.

The case is thin soft leather-like material that is well constructed and lined with  EMF blocking fabric. This mobile phone pouch works like a Faraday Cage, so any electronic device or wirless technology cannot signal and communicate. This includes mobile phones, WiFi, wireless technology, trackers, etc.

The cellphone pouch is a particularly good EMF blocking device for phones like iPhone, where it is impossible to take out the battery from the device.  There is no other EMF blocking protection solution for mobile phones or cellphones with built-in batteries.

Unauthorized Credit Card Scan Blocking

This EMF safety case is also capable of protecting your identity and financial privacy by blocking the illegal scanning of the magnetic strip or microchip on on your credit cards, passport etc. while it is right in your pocket or purse.  With your confidential information  tucked inside this case it is safe from being "read" by identity thieves and credit card hackers' who unobtrusively prey on unsuspecting people right in their midst, quickly and easily obtaining  personal and financial info using illegal electronic wireless scanning devices.

Learn more about the proliferation of Wireless Identity Theft,
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