Fast Guide to Reduce EMF Exposure

Here is a quick list of things to reduce EMF at  home and lower your personal EMF exposure,  These action points are listed here in order of seriousness of exposure levels, so that you can reduce EMF exposure significantly for your entire family in the next few  minutes, and make a lasting, healthy improvement in your living environment.

Why the hurry?  Doing whatever you can, as soon as you can, to reduce your total EMF exposure is important because scientific studies are now showing that all EMF that we are exposed to is cumulative; even the small amount at lower levels we experience in our everyday environment, all adds up irreparably, whereas before we thought we only had to limit our exposure to the higher amounts and levels, such as medical xrays, which have long been known to be cumulative due to the DNA damage caused.

10 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure in 10 Minutes

Listed in order of priority with regard to greatest biological impact:

  • 1. Throw away your cordless mobile phones (DECT phones); the base station is like having a cellphone phone tower in your home.  Another reason to get a landline right away is that your phone service provider will be discontinuing this safer option if subscribers do not demonstrate more demand (need). Reduce EMF significantly simply by opting for a landline.
  • 2. Throw away your wireless baby monitor; they produce unacceptably high levels of radio/microwave EMF very close to the baby’s head (brain) for long periods of time. Opt for wired monitors, or do without.
  • 3. Stop using your microwave oven as much as possible. Microwaves operate at intensities and power levels that expose you to high amounts of EMF often hundreds of feet away.  Especially keep children out of the kitchen (as far away as possible) when it is on. Throw it out if possible, so you won't be tempted, and opt for a toaster oven instead.
  • 4. Turn off your wireless WiFi router when it is not in use, and reduce EMF exposure in a big way by making a point of turning it off during the night to provide a more health restorative sleeping hours. Opt for wired WiFi and make sure it is installed so all wireless 'handshakes' are disabled, that it auto-performs with your computer and other wireless devices.
  • 5. Avoid iPads, tablets, Wii/playstations, Foxtel/Apple TV etc that operate wireless by design and offer no way to enable (safer) wired use. "Power Off" devices when not in use rather than just turning them off, which still allows it to transmit. Opt for wired versions, even if you have to scout out older models that were available before wireless became the norm.
  • 6. Keep your cellphone in airplane mode whenever it is not in use. Unless it is in airplane mode, or powered off, It is like living with a radio/microwave celltower that is constantly in communication with other celltowers.  Opt to forward your calls to your landline. and auto-forward your texts to your email (wired "land computer") using an app.  Charge your cellphone, use your camera, watch movies, listen to music, play video games etc., all in airplane mode (all previously downloaded away from you in another room).
  • 7. Keep all wireless devices as far away from your physical body as you can when using them, and  keep them away from children's bodies altogether (in some European countries it is illegal for children under three years old to handle wireless devices). Laptops, for example, can have up to 5 'live' antennas; certainly not the kind of exposure you want on your lap.  Never carry your cellphone in your pocket, bra, etc.  Opt for an EMF shielding carrying case, purse etc.
  • 8. Maintain distance between you and any electric appliance when it is operating: electric stoves, ovens, fridges, washers, driers, water heaters, space heaters, and any small appliance too, like toasters, kettles, blenders etc.,  Same goes for anything with a motor: hairdriers, power tools,
  • 9. Re-Arrange furniture that you spend a lot of time using, to keep it away from electric wires in walls.  Reduce EMF by observing the 6-8 foot rule to provide a biologically safe distance from the hidden "electric fence" that surrounds every room in your home inside the walls. 
  • 10. Turn off the power to bedrooms at night by disconnecting the bedroom circuit at the breaker box. Opt to replace all bedroom electric conveniences with non-electric ones, such as mechanical alarm clocks, battery powered bedside lights, thermal (space) blankets if necessary, etc.

Contrary to what internet EMF product purveyors would have you believe, it is not necessarily expensive, nor beyond your grasp, to protect yourself from EMF.  If you reduce EMF exposure in your home using these ten action points you are off to a great start.

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