EMF Classrooms

Our EMF Classrooms Offer Two Types of Training:

1. The EMF Experts  Self Guided Courses  held in these online EMF Classrooms are "ready when you are" self-guided classes on popular topics, designed to provide actionable help AND enable you to earn (optional) financial and academic credit towards EMF Consultant Certification training anytime within one year.  Read more about the Self Guided Courses (below).

2. EMF Consultant Certification Courses

are comprised of two components: the self-guided component consisting of video-rich webinars that enable you to get started on your certification training immediately, and instructor-led (live) online component.  Together these two components are designed specifically for attaining respected credentials as a Certified  EMF Consultant qualified on a wide range of  EMF detection and protection issues as they relate to various areas of EMF business and industry. Read More About the Certification Training (below).

Plus FREE Complimentary EMF Training Courses

Enjoy a FREE 15 - 45 minute complimentary training course and get acquainted with us, our self-guided training and our user friendly stop-go video classroom, while you learn something practical, actionable and interesting in response to our student's most-often-asked questions about EMF safety.

(See Featured Courses for the courses available at this time)

More About Our Courses:

(See Featured Courses for the courses available at this time)

1. EMF CLASSROOMS (Self Guided):
for EMF Experts "Ready When You Are"

 EMF Experts Classroom offers a collection of  to-the-point, on-demand, self-guided courses addressing the most popular EMF subjects by topic.  These courses are specifically  created by topic to respond to the important, burning questions that we are asked most often concerning EMF Protection, and the learning platform is designed to get answers to you simply and quickly in a see-and-do format.

These courses are delivered in an easy start-and-stop  video series and designed to take two to four hours to complete in total; each video lesson includes download support material.

An optional Quiz is offered at the end of each course to enable each student to test their new knowledge and earn a Certification of Completion. 

Successful attaining of a Certificate of Completion also offers academic credit, which can be applied to any of the EMF Consultant Track courses anytime within a year.

"Ready When You Are" Courses:

Peruse the EMF Experts Classes and Start Right Away
Enjoy a FREE Class, get acquainted with your Instructor, and get familiar  with our state of the art university-style online classroom

2. EMF CLASSROOMS (Self-Guided and Live):
EMF Experts Consultant Certification

EMF Experts Consultant Certification Classrooms offer complete comprehensive training, with both self-guided and live, instructor-led components.  Please request your Training Info Packet (15 pages) for more info on current prices, all available training discounts, and much more.

Please visit the EMF Experts Certification Webinars with One-on-One Classroom for a complete description of course content, material, field assignments and more. Here you will see the certification training with training syllabus, and convenient, secure, payment plan options.

And while you are in the EMF Consultant Certification Webinars with One-on-One classroom, take a guided video tour to show you your way around the 11 Course training content with two EMF Meter training video libraries.

Copyright Notice
Please remember this course  training material is the property of EMF Experts,  for which we retain intellectual property rights, including the copyright of the material, source code,  and in some cases the patent rights.

It is for your educational use as an enrolled student only;
please do not share/sell these proprietary class training documents
  with anyone.  Thank you. Chris