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Here you'll find a brief overview of the personal EMF protection products, services, and training that we offer.

Personal EMF Protection Products

Here is a quick reference menu of the types of EMF protection products you'll find available on the site, or recommended as part of an EMF remediation plan for your home or office.

Personal Protection and EMF Safety Books

EMF Cellphone and Identity Protection Cases

EMF Shields for Credit cards and I.D. Card

EMF-Blocking Bed Canopy and other items

EMF SmartWear: Stylish EMF Shielding Apparel

EMF Meters and EMF Meter User Guides

EMF Protection Services

Our Personal EMF Protection Services offer a comprehensive range of professional consulting services to address EMF and EMI. 

Our EMF Safety Consultants and EMF Remediation Technicians are certified by us and use professional EMF testing equipment which covers a large range of electromagnetic frequencies. 5 Hz – 1 MHz in the Low frequency Spectrum. We also cover high frequency Radio Frequency EMF (such as cellphones, WiFi etc). Refer to our Radio Frequency testing section for more information.

EMF Consultations and Assessments are offered for personal EMF protection in both your residence and your work place. Every living space and work space is completey unique and so EMF measurements need to be taken at strategic points throughout the space. This information is then used to map out the concentration and sources of EMR and is an essential first step for the implementation of protection solutions. Just as no two lifestyles are alike, no two EMR environment assessment maps are alike. Once the source is identified, strategies are discussed and implemented to reduce EMF at its source.

Residential EMF Testing

 For residential clients we focus on the sleeping areas and areas you spend a great deal of time in. We check for the following:

AC Magnetic Fields – High voltage power lines, transformers, appliances etc...

  • AC Electric Fields – Household wiring, appliances, cables, computers etc.
  • DC Magnetic Fields - Building Materials, mattresses etc.
  • DC electric Fields – Static Electricity etc.
  • Dirty Electricity – Energy Saving Devices, etc.
  • Stray Currents on gas and water pipes from electrical wiring errors
  • Body Voltage Measurements - shows how much a human body is electrically "charged", if an electric field is present.

Commercial EMF Testing

For Commercial Buildings and Industrial EMF Testing we focus on:

  • Equipment Interference Issues
  • Health and Safety Concerns
  • The equipment we use has 3rd party Calibration Certificates

EMF Training and Certification

Our  EMF Expert training and training certification includes in-depth online certification training or on-location certification seminars are designed using real life situations, live expert instruction with Chris Young, Professional Electrical Engineer, and on point demonstration videos that will teach you how to detect, measure and understand the complex world of EMF detecting and mitigation in the shortest most direct way possible. EMF Consulting Business Launch  training is also available for those requiring this.

If you are simply interested in learning more about personal EMF detection and protection for improving your living or working environment, your family’s or our planet’s health we offer more practical and affordable learning formats such as videos and ebooks -- like our information-packed Bedroom Sanctuary ebook -- which is used in our certification training.  These do not achieve professional certification, but any of our authored ebooks can be used towards accrued credit and deducted from the cost of certification training if you later chose to go on and take training.

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"Awesome certification training!  I hit the ground running (with confidence) the day I finished the course, and my business has been built from the ground up based on the tried and true methods of a true EMF Professional that would have been far beyond me without this training."
   Ross Chambers, Toronto, Canada

"Electrosmog can be more dangerous to you than you think. I was electronically stalked by a cellphone hacker, Chris returned my SOS message within the hour and walked me step by step through how to protect myself right away. I went on to take his excellent training to learn how to protect myself from the many other risks of electronic pollution - I never realized how insidious EMF is!"
          Theresa, San Diego, CA

The Bedroom Sanctuary ebook guided me through everything I needed to know to finally eliminate and block the various sources of EMF in my bedroom causing my sleep disorders. Ah, to sleep perchance to dream - blissfully at last."
                  Chas Chavez, Texas

"This Certification Training is simply the best there is. I thought I would learn how to wave an EMF meter around and that training would be very American based, and instead I learned more professionally valuable, global-in-scope, and life-saving info than I ever imagined. I say 'life saving' because my wife, who took the training with me,  is convinced this training saved her life. Three words of advice: Take this training!"                
            Omar Orillia, Australia

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"EMF Expert Certified Consultants are easy to locate in the Directory, and to me a well trained consultant who's advice you can trust is vital in an area where so much contradictory  information  and outright misinformation abounds on the internet".
               Ronald Sands, UK

"What would I do without my Certified EMF Consultant?  She helped me locate my new home, and now I don't buy any new technology without  at least a phone consultation with her first."
                          Liann, Asian Rim,

More Personal Stories and Testimonials  ...