EMF Book Reviews

The Top Five Books Used in our
EMF Consultant Certification Training Course

Here you will find the EMF Book Reviews for the top five leading books the deal with EMF Protection Issues in today's world.  Each deals with various aspects of the harm caused from radiation emitted by electrical and electronic devices, particularly as it effects consumers.  Each book is referred to in the course of our EMF Consultant Certification training and, although not compulsory reading for the course, they are each highly recommended reading,

EMF Book Reviews: Recommended Books
for your EMF Consultant Library Collection

If you buy only one book to keep on your shelf and refer back to forever, this is the one.  This book is the classic textbook on the wide ranging topic of EMF, and a particularly excellent one as it avoids both extremes - those of over dramatization and understatement. Ms Levitt is an award winning journalist,  winner of the 1996 Award of Excellence from the American Medical Writer’s Association.  Devra has also authored a chapter in Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings (Spon  Press, Taylor&Francis Group, London and New York, 2004) edited by Derek Clements-  Croome, entitled "Moving Beyond EMF Public Policy Paralysis." More recently Ms. Levitt has appeared in numerous documentaries and speaking events as an  EMF safety spokesperson.

Electromagnetic Fields (Part. #EEX580) …………… $28.50 Buy
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Over millions of years, living creatures have evolved in relation to the Earth's electromagnetic energy. Now, we're surrounded by human-made frequencies that challenge our health and survival. An Electric Silent Spring reports the effects of electrification and wireless devices on people, plants, bee colonies, and frogs around the globe. It presents solutions for people who want to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This pioneering book is for anyone concerned about the health of the environment and the people and other creatures that inhabit it.

Electronic Silent Spring (Part. #EEX615) …………… $18.00 Buy
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OverPowered  is a surprisingly easy to read book on complex medical science topics, written by a scientific researcher for anyone wanting to know more about the nature of what EMF is and how it impacts each of us at the biological level. Detailed reporting of studies and misinformation and how you can know what information is useful and what is propaganda. A must read for everyone who likes getting into EMF effects at the cellular level. Hardcover 256 pages published in 2014. Click here for details and our lengthy review of this book: "Over Powered Review"

Overpowered (Part. #EEX614) …………… $23.50 Buy
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OUT OF STOCK / OUT OF PRINT.  Different from  most books on the subject because it discusses the theory and background behind EMR (EMF) in Part 1 and then explains what the reader can do to reduce his or her exposure in Part 2. It is a well researched book that explains complex terms and issues clearly in a very readable form.

It gives simple, do-able steps for testing your living environment to reduce the risks of developing EMR sensitivities and diseases. Numerous recommendations assist the reader in using electrical and wireless technologies safely.

Living Safely With Electromagnetic Radiation (Part. #EEX520) …………… $24.00 Buy
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Louise Ann Gittleman’s  book, “Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution*”, which was published in 2011, the year EMF became blacklisted by the World Health Organization as a Class 2B Carcinogen, gives you a fairly good general checklist for dealing with EMF issues room by room.  Her author-specialty however is educating about nutritional approaches for detoxing from daily-level and chronic EMF exposure. 

Zapped (Part. #EEX591) ………………… $15.00 Buy
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Electrically Conductive and EMF Shielding Fabric Catalog - While we are on the topic of emf book reviews, we'd like to include this sample book of dozens of EMF protective fabrics; and invaluable catalog that enables you to see/touch the material before you buy. This book contains swatch samples of all cloth available from our supplier will let you see and feel actual product, as well as read its shielding specifications, to help make your purchase decision. The book includes a coupon for $25.00 that can be applied to the purchase of any cloth listed.

EMF Shielding Sample Book(Part. #EEXSB) …………… $25.00 Buy
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Our fast paced EMF Consultant Certification course offers the titles in these emf book reviews as OPTIONAL READING, however we  hasten to add that we RECOMMEND THEM HIGHLY 5-STARS!  for more in depth, working knowledge of the topics brought up during our certification training, and for your future EMF Professional library, which you will refer to again and again. 

You will find that you refer to these books often  throughout the training, and in them you will find the footnoted type references current knowledge is based on so it will lead to other sources. Each one, in its own way, is an invaluable source for further investigation into the EMF research, concepts, experts, products, places, laws, health guidelines, world affairs, telecom industry backstory and much more that comes up during the training.

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          Theresa, San Diego, CA

The Bedroom Sanctuary ebook guided me through everything I needed to know to finally eliminate and block the various sources of EMF in my bedroom causing my sleep disorders. Ah, to sleep perchance to dream - blissfully at last."
                  Chas Chavez, Texas

"This Certification Training is simply the best there is. I thought I would learn how to wave an EMF meter around and that training would be very American based, and instead I learned more professionally valuable, global-in-scope, and life-saving info than I ever imagined. I say 'life saving' because my wife, who took the training with me,  is convinced this training saved her life. Three words of advice: Take this training!"                
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