Cell Phone EMF 

 Phones with the Lowest Cell Phone EMF Radiation SAR Levels (SAR, or Specific Absorption Rate, is a measurement of the quantity of radio frequency absorbed by the body).

For a phone to pass FCC certification and be sold in the United States, its maximum Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR level must be less than 1.6 watts per kilogram.

For example here are the TOP Twenty LIST OF SAFE CELLPHONES from www.sarvalues.com (December 2014)

Make                 Model No            Digital SAR Rate
             MPx200                       0.20
Qualcom             pdQ-1900                     0.26
            SGH-S100                    0.30
Samsung             SGH-S105                    0.30
Siemens              Z600                             0.31
          G360                            0.32
               S40                              0.33
            ST7790                         0.34
           G310                            0.35
           Trium G-130                 0.35
            X300                            0.35
          G410                            0.36
                  N-Gage                         0.37
             T200                             0.37
                 5100                             0.40
              2119                             0.42
             ST7790i                       0.42
             V60c                            0.42
Motorola             V60ci                           0.42
Motorola             V60i (CDMA)              0.42

Although buying a phone with a low SAR rating may make you feel safer remember that the SAR fluctuates during any given call.  In fact, if you check out your manufacturer's user manual what you read there may surprise you.


Though each cellphone manufacturer varies the wording, all advise that your phone could exceed cell phone EMF safety Guidelines and FCC safety standards (which many consider much too unrealistic and too outdated as it is) if you hold your phone incorrectly or too close to your body while it is transmitting, or if you disregard  the safety caveats, such as not touching the antenna, using a headset, using a metal-free cellphone belt clip, etc.

If these kind of personal EMF safety issues are something you'd like to learn more about you'll want to look into our self-guided EMF Detection and Protection online training course, that will tell you this type of important consumer info, and more, about the EMF you are unknowingly exposed to in your everyday activities. Take the quick guided tour of the training to know more about how to protect yourself and your family from the growing EMF exposure in our world..

Here are a few passages from various User Manuals to illustrate the importance of educating yourself about  EMF personal protection, in this case one of your new survival skills is reading the health and safety portion of your manual:

Apple iPhone 4
"For optimal mobile device performance and to be sure that human exposure to RF energy does not exceed the FCC guidelines, always follow these instructions and precautions: When on a call using the built-in audio receiver in iPhone, hold iPhone with the dock connector pointed down toward your shoulder to increase separation from the antenna. When using iPhone on your your body for voice calls, or wireless data transmission over a cellular network, keep iPhone at least 15mm (5/8 inch) away from the body and only use carrying cases, belt clips, or holders that do not have metal parts and that maintain at least 15mm (5/8 inch) separation between iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S 4G
"For body-worn operation, this phone has been tested and meets FCC RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory that contains no metal and that positions the mobile device a minimum of 1.5cm from the body."

Motorola Atrix
"If you wear this mobile device on your body, always place the the mobile device in a Motorola-supplied or approved clip, holder, holster, case, or body harness. If you do not use a body-worn accessory supplied or approved by Motorola, keep the mobile device and its antenna at least 2.5cm (1 inch) away from your body."

T-Mobile (LG) G2X
"This device has been tested for body-worn operation with the distance at of 0.79 inch (2cm) for a normal mode and with the distance of 0.39 inch (1cm) for a hot-spot mode from the user's body. To comply with FCC RF exposure requirements, a minimum separation distance of 0.79 inch (2cm) for a normal mode and 0.39 inch (1cm) for a hot-spot mode must be maintained from the user's body."

CNET  started reviewing cell phones more than 10 years ago, and has tracked the SAR of every handset that they review.  Visit their site to see  the 20 phones with the highest SAR levels and the 20 phones with lowest SAR levels:  More CNET's cell phone EMF Radiation SAR ratings here

More Key Info About Cell Phone EMF Protection

Know How to Use Your Cellphone Safely -  visiting our EMF Classrooms will tell you more about "Cellphone Safety for Smart Users" - the need-to-know-info in a self-guided course format that will give you all the info you need to understand how to have your cellphone work for you and not against you, and especially those who are most vulnerable to cellphone radiation - children and the immune compromised.  This is our most popular self-guided course for good reason, and an absolute must for anyone who uses a cellphone.

Know Where Your Nearest Celltowers Are - consulting a celltower map can tell you where the areas of greatest coverage are, which is (in other words) your areas of greatest EMF radiation exposure.  One of the things our "Cellphone Safety for Smart Users" course (just mentioned above) will teach you is how to assess the impact of celltowers and what practical protection strategies you can use to keep you and your family safer.

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