Cellphone Radiation & Cell Tower Radiation

We can reduce our cellphone radiation by avoiding cell phones or limiting our exposure by following a few smart steps, (which you'll find in our Free "Smart Safe Cellphone User" Guide), but how do we protect ourselves from cell tower radiation when it is everywhere all around us, and beaming at us (and through us!) 24 hours a day? 

Locating Cellphone Radiation Sources

And how do we know where cell towers are when they are hiding in plain sight using many disguises!

This metal palm tree structure at left is a super powerful cellphone tower that transmits cellphone signals long distances  through buildings and homes, and yes of course, even through our bodies and our cells.

Cellphone towers are also showing up as tall saguaro cactus, art sculptures, street lights, stadium supports, flag poles, even church steeples,   You will see them erected anywhere that is high enough to enable them to broadcast microwave signals.  And the stronger the signal (for example with every new generation 4G, 5G signals etc are much more powerful than the initial 2G signals) the more microwave radiation we are exposed to.

Does cell phone radiation effect us more than radiation from cell towers?

Mistakenly, cell tower radiation is thought to be generally safer since popular belief is that it is less harmful in smaller diffused EMFs (electric magnetic fields). However cell tower emissions are a far more chronic, insidious type of radiation that pervades our world. Electromagnetic radiation has been called "invisible pollution".

Although we hear that cell tower microwave emissions are very weak and therefore must be somehow less harmful (since they do not cause heat in the body), the unsettling irony is that weak electromagnetic signals are what every one of our body's cells uses to communicate with each other in order to function properly. Our human species has evolved on a planet, and in a solar system, that is itself a weak electromagnetic field, to which our bodies respond and regulate itself by. The electromagnetic pollution, such as cellphone radiation, power line emissions, WiFi etc, that is now proliferating unabated in our world is now shown (see studies below) to tip the delicate balance of earth's natural amibient electromagnetic fields and our cell's own electrical activity.

Cellphone and cell tower radiation disrupts these signals, causing havoc and  harming our cells to the point where they eventually shut down, building up toxins in our bodies, including free radicals, which are  known to interfere with cell function and with important DNA repair.

Low level microwave radiation has been shown to decrease levels of healthful anti-oxidants that the body normally produces to protect itself against free radicals. Our anti-oxidant levels are sensitive indicators of increased stress, aging, infections and numerous disease states.


"The Wireless Revolution"- A quick ebook download and an important read  about how wireless technology radiation and its electromagnetic factors are emerging as a major public health issue globally, creating electrical sensitivity and being linked to illnesses of many kinds.

Cellphone User Guidelines on safe cellphoning here is a brief free ebook compiled from are several scientific safety studies that have been done on cellphone radiation and cell tower radiation.

Cell Towers in Your Area - find the nearest cell tower to your home or place or work, or schools here. Microwave exposure increases with proximity to the cell tower.

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