EMF Protection Pendants

With all the unfamiliar marketing jargon advertising EMF protection pendants and other types of protective jewelry, let's take a look at what an investigation based on the laws of electromagnetic physics can tell us.


Beware the  Buzzwords
for EMF Protection Pendants & Jewelry

No wonder it is difficult to separate the science from the rhetoric when the words sound so scientific.

"Sympathic Resonance Technology"

"Nano Technology"

"Nano Vibrational Technology"

"Electronically Encoded EMF Protection"

"Resonance Harmonic Device"

"Reformatting Electromagnetic Waves into Harmonious Waves"

"Advanced electronic encoding system using very specific sound and light waves with nano-crystalline technology"

"Transform Electromagnetic Waves"

BioPhoton harmonizing"

"Nano Crystalline Plant Based Resin"

"Electro-migration and scalar induction nanostructure form “statistical tuning circuits".

"Embedded with Resonant Frequencies"

"Includes the Natural Earth's grounding Frequency"

"Molecular Quantum Physics"

"Subtle Energy Protection"

"Resistance to EMF Stress"

"Strengthen the BioField and Aid Homeostasis"

"Counteract Detrimental Electomagnetic Fields"

"Reinforce key frequencies of the human energy system (biofield)"

"Amplify the body's

"Multi-Frequencey Pure Crystalline Oscillator (the tuning fork effect)

"Shielding on the Cellular Level"

"Biofield Energy Field Protection"

"Stabilize the Body Homeodynamically"

"Adds subtle energy/information to cells that lowers the ORP, which helps reduce oxidative stress"

"Reduces the negative energies of EMF".

"Reinforce the Cells' Natural Frequency"

"Balances Your Biofield"

"Restores and Rebuilds your Cells, Strengthening your Biofield"

Beware the Benefits of Irresistible Marketing Claims

Here are just some of the benefits EMF protective pendants offer in their marketing rhetoric:

  • Protects from Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation
  • Enhances mental clarity and awareness
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Balances emotions
  • Deepens restful sleep
  • Enhances your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Corrects imbalances, biomechanical dyskinesias (impairments of body movement), and emotional stressors
  • Repairs subtle damages to those bodies from all such negative energies, as well as from drugs, surgical procedures, and other people's negativity
  • More Pseudo Scientific Marketing Ploys

    For a look at some "dressed to impress" scientific words and terms that are commonly taken out of context and used to create persuasive sounding marketing claims for EMF protection products, and the inventive Star Trek lexicon that has been the inspiration behind much of the pseudo scientific terminology used in today's EMF marketing, here is more in depth information ...

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