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Join us for a fascinating free seminar presentation that includes key video excerpts, expert cellphone radiation and ambient EMF demonstrations, along with practical recommendations for protecting yourself, your health, your braincells (and more!)  from rapidly proliferating exposure to the invisible electromagnetic and wireless frequencies that swirl around and through our bodies disrupting their function.

These FREE noon Saturday seminars are very popular and space is limited so reservations are required.  Please email us if you need to cancel so someone else can use your place.



There is no way around it - with thousands more celltowers being erected DAILY and many thousands of cellphones being bought EVERY MINUTE in the USA,  each one comes a more worrisome onslaught of exposure to invisible radiation that is well documented to harm  health and compromise wellbeing generally. 

Based on this scientific documentation the World Health Organization declared Cellphone Radiation a Class 2 Carcinogen in 2011, and while Europeans are taking this very seriously here in America we need to pop our heads up out of the electronic soup if we want to be safer and smarter in the midst of this rampant Wireless Revolution.

Why is becoming EMF-Aware important to you?

You don't need to bury your head in the sand any longer, preferring to remain oblivious to the dangers of your cellphone and other wireless technology because you can't give it up but don't see any alternative.  You can begin to take control of your personal health safety today, by learning easy, practical ways you can reduce  harmful exposure to EMF and Radiation from Cellphones, WiFi, Microwaves, regular household gadgets, but also from ambient environmental EMF Radiation from Celltowers, Airport Radar, Power Lines etc. 

Yes, you do have the power to be EMF-safe. All it takes is a little EMF Protection Seminar, a little smarts, a little precaution and a few simple proactive steps.

And while we're talking about power ....

You'll also be able to pick up more information about our EMF Expert Certification training if you are looking for a career change and are interested in the exciting, rapidly growing (and personally satisfying!) new field of EMF Detection and Protection.  This certification along with all the support tools and directory referrals we provide can launch you right onto a successful new career path, with an additional service to add to your current business, or an exciting self employed business.

  This professional certification is also naturally very useful addition to any engineer's training, and also for any type of home or office environment service provider (such as Architect, Contractor, Electrician etc., to Feng Shui, Interior Designer, Healthy Home Consultant etc).   It is also the perfect compliment  to add value to any type of green living or other ecologically based professional service. Lastly, it is a much sought after specialty to add to the services of any type of health service provider, particularly those dealing with hypersensitivity, allergies, fatigue syndromes, cancer recovery, immune disorders etc.



Chris Young doesn't just lecture, he "plugs people in" as he demonstrates EMF and cellphone radiation exposure and protective measures that can be taken, beyond the question of a doubt.  His collection of gripping video excerpts from other recognized EMF experts do the same . This informative and practical EMF protection seminar  presentation is anything but a dry sales pitch.  You'll leave knowing how to be EMF-aware and safer the minute you walk out the door.

Chris Young, P.E., is a Senior Professional Electrical Engineer who has led some of the top companies in America servicing the utility industry worldwide.

Based on his extensive insider knowledge he has developed this presentation to raise awareness of the issues of EMF and cellphone radiation exposure through hands-on demonstrations, and the EMF Detection and Protection products and methods he uses that can enable everyone in our modern wireless world to have the know-how to achieve EMF (electrical magnetic field) safety that they can trust in their home or office, with full confidence in working with a seasoned electrical professional.

After one of our EMF Protection Seminars you'll never look at your WiFi or Cellphone the same way again. Not even your energy efficient light bulbs.  Or your alarm clock.

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"Awesome certification training!  I hit the ground running (with confidence) the day I finished the course, and my business has been built from the ground up based on the tried and true methods of a true EMF Professional that would have been far beyond me without this training."
   Ross Chambers, Toronto, Canada

"Electrosmog can be more dangerous to you than you think. I was electronically stalked by a cellphone hacker, Chris returned my SOS message within the hour and walked me step by step through how to protect myself right away. I went on to take his excellent training to learn how to protect myself from the many other risks of electronic pollution - I never realized how insidious EMF is!"
          Theresa, San Diego, CA

The Bedroom Sanctuary ebook guided me through everything I needed to know to finally eliminate and block the various sources of EMF in my bedroom causing my sleep disorders. Ah, to sleep perchance to dream - blissfully at last."
                  Chas Chavez, Texas

"This Certification Training is simply the best there is. I thought I would learn how to wave an EMF meter around and that training would be very American based, and instead I learned more professionally valuable, global-in-scope, and life-saving info than I ever imagined. I say 'life saving' because my wife, who took the training with me,  is convinced this training saved her life. Three words of advice: Take this training!"                
            Omar Orillia, Australia

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"EMF Expert Certified Consultants are easy to locate in the Directory, and to me a well trained consultant who's advice you can trust is vital in an area where so much contradictory  information  and outright misinformation abounds on the internet".
               Ronald Sands, UK

"What would I do without my Certified EMF Consultant?  She helped me locate my new home, and now I don't buy any new technology without  at least a phone consultation with her first."
                          Liann, Asian Rim,

More Personal Stories and Testimonials  ...