EMF Bed Canopy Videos

Meter Testing the EMF Penetration
of our Do-It-Yourself Bed Canopy

The EMF blocking canopy pictured here, constructed according to the do-it-yourself bed frame plans included in our Sleep Sanctuary ebook, is measured in this live real-time video below by professional EMF Expert, Chris Young (our Senior Electrical Engineer), to determine EMF penetration inside the sleep space. Using a readily available commercial EMF detection meter he demonstrates what a true EMF-free sleep space is, verified by scientific measurement.

Zero-EMF readings are unheard of in today's living environments and, as he mentions in the video, the only time Chris has obtained a naturally occurring zero-EMF reading (using this same meter) was in the remote forests of Costa Rica.   Fortunately for those of us who live in the modern world (basically any area of the planet with cellphone coverage, radio reception, or electrical service) this bed frame with its EMF blocking canopy offers one of the simplest solutions for protecting your sleeping space from ambient EMF in your bedroom, or coming into your home from your environment generally.

Video: EMF-Free Bed Canopy  Quick Intro

Give yourself a respite from relentlessly pervasive EMF  during the most important hours of all – your vital, regenerative sleep time!

This 1 minute introduction video affirms that no mater how EMF-saturated your home, with this EMF Bed Canopy and do-it-yourself Bed Frame you can eliminate the electromagnetic emissions from cell towers, WiFi, electrical appliances, and more, from your sleep space,

Video: EMF Bed Canopy Fabrics

In this video, Chris demonstrates the qualities of the EMF blocking fabric used in our bed canopy, and he discusses alternative EMF shielding fabrics that can also be used as a canopy to limit personal EMF exposure and create an EMF-free sleep zone.

Video: EMF Grounding Bedding, Sleep-time          
             Earthing and Organic Bed Demo

More info with video demonstration of the advantages and use of EMF-Grounding Bed Sheets and healthful Organic Beds we used in our Sleep Sanctuary to obtain optimal sleep quality and maximum health benefits of our EMF-free sleeping space.

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