Electromagnetic Fields in a Nutshell

Here is a collection of learning  material  designed to give you a grasp of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in  a nutshell.  Since there is so much misinformation on the web about what EMF is, we have put this simplified training material together to provide a good foundational understanding of manmade EMF, with official definitions, explanations from reputable and trustworthy sources, and we've created a cut-to-the-chase tip sheet of how to protect yourself from manmade EMF starting right now.

Manmade Electromagnetic Fields -
The "Family Tree" at a Glance

Here you will find a diagram depicting the main groups of manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their subgroups, making  it easy to see at a glance (on one page) the relationships that exist between the various types of EMF that you commonly hear referred to as: Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, Radio/Microwave Fields, Dirty Electricity, Body Voltage, Electrostatic Current,  Artificial Light, Static Magnetic Field etc.


Giving Definition to the Main Groups of Manmade EMF

Here is a quick overview, excerpted from the EMF Expert Bedroom Sanctuary eBook, that serves to define the manmade electromagnetic fields that are of concern due to their biological impact on our bodies as shown by numerous scientific research studies.


Explaining Manmade EMF Simply

This 5 page treatise is part of the EMF Experts training material, explaining electromagnetic fields, which was written to concur with the WHO (World Health  Organization) official definition of electromagnetic fields.  The WHO explaination is generally considered the gold standard (of explanations) that is modeled after and referred to by governments and agencies worldwide, and we have just added our own illustrations to clarify:


 Electrical Wiring Fields Depiction

A quick reference sheet for visualizing the current in electrical house wiring, and the EMF (EF and MF) fields that are generated by flowing current:


10 Tips in 10 Minutes: Fast & Free EMF Protection

Here is a quick list of fast, free, actionable EMF protection strategies for beginners, that will enable you  to reduce EMF at  home and lower your personal EMF exposure immediately,  These action points are listed here in order of seriousness of exposure levels, so that you can reduce EMF exposure significantly for your entire family in the next few  minutes, and make a lasting, healthy improvement in your living environment.

DOWNLOAD: "10 TIPS IN 10 MINUTES" (1 pg pdf)

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