Special Client Concerns
Electronic and EMF Harassment

Public interest in personal protection from Electronic Surveillance,  EMF Stalking and Terrorism,  is growing worldwide,  and occasionally a client will ask for help with the issues surrounding their concerns. We’re offering this supplemental information here to explain a little more about what an EMF Consultant may run into, to explain a little about the nature of these clients' concerns, and to offer suggestions that in a consultant role we have found to help or references to provide other more knowledgeable help than we can give.

 These client requests for help from EMF Consultants can include anything from protection from a GPS  (Global Positioning System) type of stalking via a person’s cellphone, which requires help simply to turn off the tracking feature automatically factory-programmed  in a cellphone; to protection from electrosensitive inducing electronic harassment, which can require providing simple instructions on building and using Faraday cages;  to determining if they have received non-consensual microchip implants, which can involve straightforward RF (Radio Frequency) detection with a suitable meter; to protection from electromagnetic mind control, EMF biological weapons, satellite individual-targeted terrorism, general HAARP-concept techno-terrorism, gang stalking (a slang term for disruptive disinformation operations) etc, which requires other types of more specialized help, which we refer to other professionals (see below). 

Client requests can also have to do with providing EMF measurement data or other “proof” for prospective Electronic Harassment lawsuits, or expert witness testimony.

Describing the Indescribable

As you discuss the situation with your client, you may hear many stories that defy belief and many new acronyms used to refer to terms that have sprung up related to electronic harassment. Naturally your client will relate to you that many of these stories and concerns have been dismissed as conspiracy theories, and they themselves denigrated as “Tin Hat” delusional people, or worse.  Nonetheless, it is not helpful for us to judge, since it is neither our place nor our goal as a consultant.

In taking these clients on, you will find that they are typically extremely well read on the topic and will offer references to copious sources they’ve researched as they attempt to explain their situation using such terms as: RNM (remote neural monitoring), MCE (mind control experiences), V2K (Electronic Voice to Skull), PH (psychotronic harassment), TAMI (thought amplifier mind interface), EEGH (EEG Heterodyning), SRPs (Surveillance Role Players), and more. 

Additionally you may hear some very military sounding terms, such as: BCW (biocommunication warfare), NLW (Non Lethal Weapons), ET (Electromagnetic Torture), DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons), that are also referred to as sound-guns and microwave-guns, and Active Denial System (ADS), which includes microwave weapons and milliwave radars (this being rather confusing terminology for an EMF Consultant), i.e.  electromagnetic weapons that have been used in such situations as public crowd control. 

Targeted Individuals (TI’s)

In this discussion you are likely to hear that these clients believe they are “targeted individuals” of  these types of personal violations, or in popular jargon, a “TI”.  Admittedly, TI is a self-described designation,  many TI stories are extremely difficult to comprehend, TI symptoms are equally difficult to explain and, in addition, the many true-life books on this topic read like pure fiction, even those written by doctors and lawyers and other highly educated authors (refer to the links at the end).  

TI describe their experience as EMF “mind invasion”, “thought predators”, “brain hijack”, etc,  however, every “TI” experience is uniquely different.  These clients  have typically had their bodies x-rayed searching for clues to the problem (including EMF receiving/sending types of microchips), they sought medical help to no relief despite the fact that they may have been cleared of physical or mental disorders. Conversely, many without any true clinical signs of mental disorders have been diagnosed delusional and schizophrenia, since the experience simulates this mental disease and hearing voices speaking to you in your mind is one of the symptoms.

In their research process, they have become absolutely certain they have been singled out for EMF-related targeting.  The reasons why can be a little unclear, but some  head-scratching explanations include:  they are randomly targeted for human experiment of EMF weapons by such government entities as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), NSA (National Security Agency), the various military intelligence agencies of the Dept of Defense, etc; or  they are targeted as retribution for some sort of whistleblowing or similar speaking out; and/or targeted by Gang Stalkers, which can be private intelligence security government contractors spying on American citizens, or criminals with motives such as identity/financial theft, burglaries, vandalism, computer intrusion, home invasions, break ins to place surveillance cameras, sexual assault, even murder - an entirely new concept of criminal.

 Although these examples pertain to USA agencies, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are coming forth sharing similar concerns and experiences.  Many citizens of other countries are actually far more outspoken than USA citizens, but the crime statistics are relatively the same.   U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) crime statistics from a 2006 survey indicated that an estimated 445,220 stalking victims reported being “gang stalked” by 3 or more perpetrators. 13.1 percent of  the USA total 3,398,630 victims reported such organized group stalking, which is comparable to crime surveys in the UK.  Learn more …

The internet has plenty of firsthand accounts - Amazon.com and YouTube.com offers numerous accounts of these experiences in books and videos.  Simply search on any of the acronyms or buzzwords mentioned here if you are interested in further reading.

The Other Side of the Story

Lorraine Sheridan, co-authored a study of gang-stalking in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, offers a different perspective, "One has to think of the T.I. phenomenon in terms of people with paranoid symptoms who have hit upon the gang-stalking idea as an explanation of what is happening to them". Mental health professionals say that TIs can experience hallucinations and their explanations of being targeted or harassed arise from delusional disorders or psychosis.

Yale psychiatry professor Ralph Hoffman notes that people often ascribe voices in their heads to external sources such as government harassment, God, and dead relatives, and it can be difficult to persuade them that their belief in an external influence is delusional. Other experts compare these stories to accounts of alien abductions.

Several press accounts (Washington Post and NY Times) have documented individuals who believed they were victims of electronic harassment, and in some cases persuaded courts to agree. In 2008, James Walbert went to court claiming that his former business associate had threatened him with “jolts of radiation” after a disagreement, and later claimed feeling such symptoms supported by compelling evidence and expert witnesses - court case description here. The court decided to issue an order banning “electronic means” to further harass Walbert.

Those researching legal cases of electronic harassment will also come across the case of “the original whistleblower”, John St Clair Akwei v. NSA, heard before the US District Court in Washington DC in 1992 alleging that the NSA used its resources, including remote physiological devices, to illegally harass and surveil him for over a decade; his case was dismissed due to the Court being unable to identify any legal cause of action.  Evidence put forward in this case is well documented with numerous diagrams and illustrations that are frequently cited by hundreds of TI sites online.

There are extensive online support networks and numerous websites maintained by people fearing mind control. Palm Springs psychiatrist Alan Drucker has identified evidence of delusional disorders on many of these websites and psychologists agree that such sites negatively reinforce mental troubles, while some say that the sharing and acceptance of a common delusion could function as a form of group cognitive therapy.

According to psychologist Sheridan, "page after page" of internet search result in accounts of electronic harassment "that regard it as fact" and the absence of counter-information creates a harmful "closed ideology echo chamber” for TI's.

As part of a 2006 British study by Dr. Vaughan Bell, independent psychiatrists determined "signs of psychosis are strongly present" based on evaluation of a sample of online mind-control accounts whose online-posters were "very likely to be schizophrenic". Psychologists have identified many examples of people reporting ‘mind control experiences’ (MCEs) on self-published web pages that are "highly likely to be influenced by delusional beliefs". Common themes include “Bad Guys” using “psychotronics” and “microwaves”, frequent mention of the CIA’s MKULTRA project and citations of a scientific paper entitled “Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy” and a 1976 USA patent for remote neural monitoring (i.e. eliminating the wires for EEG machines).

More information on opposing views can be found at Wikipedia.

People who describe themselves as undergoing electronic harassment have organized and campaign to stop the use of alleged psychotronic and other mind control weapons. These campaigns have received some support from public figures, including former CIA Enginner Dr Robert Duncan, and former U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who included a provision banning "psychotronic weapons" in a 2001 bill that was later dropped, and former Missouri State Representative Jim Guest

Help that EMF Consultants can Offer TI Clients

EMF Consultant training equips us with the skill needed to accurately measure EMF exposure, and to recommend shielding types of protection, however Electrosensitivity or Mind Impact assessment are naturally beyond the scope of our work since we are not medical practitioners. However, accurately measuring EMF exposure is a logical starting point, particularly since reducing EMF exposure from ambient electrosmog in our modern world often goes a long way to alleviating symptoms of ES (Electrosensitivity), which can confuse other mind-related issues, since ES in itself leads to depression, foggy thinking, mental and physical illnesses etc.

The above illustration is taken from a electronic harassment presentation illustrating directed energy weapons, which was given in 2002 by Dr Munzert (Germany) who is himself a self-described TI.  

It is helpful for illustrating that If the nature of the negative impact is due to EMF radiation exposure, then a Faraday cage will be of help.  Spending time in a Faraday cage will enable the TI to determine if microwave radio frequency signals are being transmitted to them, or if they are somehow able to act as an antennae to receive outside communications.  In a true (well constructed) Faraday cage RF transmissions would not be able to penetrate; if they do then the transmissions are coming from some other source that does not involve EMF.  Even, in less effective faraday cages (tents and sleeping bags pictured below), the negative effects of EMF exposure are likely to be lessened.

An RF shielding/blocking faraday cage can be made from anything conductive that you can use to completely surround yourself, so we recommend such things as a disposable tent $14, which can become a little hot inside from your body heat but will serve as an adequate  test; or a more comfortable EMF Sleeping Bag ($365) or (both these products you can see below, with their dbi information, price etc.)

Alternatively, you can explain how to make a simple homemade Faraday cage, such as this one pictured below, just remember it must be constructed with the basics in mind –a simple wooden frame structure that is roomy enough for a person to relax, surrounded in layers of ordinary metal window screening that can be stapled to the wooden structure. Remember that the more layers of screen you use the more EMF you will keep out (everything from extremely low frequencies – ELF-- to high frequencies such as microwaves and wireless radio frequencies), plus the tighter that the screen’s weave is then the higher the EMF microwave frequencies you will keep out; AND remember before use the whole metal screen enclosed structure needs to be grounded (by a wire to the earth).

Recommendations and Referrals that EMF Consultants can Offer TI Clients


Dr John Hall,  Pain Management Physician specializing in Stem Cell Therapy in San Antonio, Texas (www.drjohnrhall.com ),  has written “A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America” (2014) and “Guinea Pigs Technologies of Control” (2014”), based on his verifiable true-life events. Since then, Dr. Hall has treated numerous patients who have reported electronic harassment symptoms, including the harassing voices in their heads.  His Books …  His Videos … This informative 1-hr 2015 video/audio interview discusses specific self-protection behaviors and strategies TIs can do on their own behalf. 

Other Electronic Harassment Medical Experts:
Dr. Nick Begich (Alaska, USA)
Dr Kevin Barrett ( USA)
Dr. Munzert (Germany)


Another source you can refer clients to is Chomi Prag, Attorney (who has been admitted to the US Supreme Court), and herself has first hand experience with this issue and has written a book called, “How to Defeat Gang Stalkers”. Her book succinctly details the kinds of trauma that many unsuspecting victims are prone to encounter, and outlines what you must do if you feel that you are being victimized in this manner, including how to prepare for a court battle with you attackers.  Her Book …

Dr Henning White (Sweden) Legal Aspects of Mind Control expert


Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance comprises a human rights group reporting agency calling for a USA Congressional Hearing on this issue.  The Group includes a medical committee that performs research studies  (Including USA - Dr John Hall, Dr. Robert Duncan, and Dr Terry Roberts). Report any experiences of TI to:  https://www.freedomfchs.net/ or 800-571-5618

ICAACT – International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies is an Independent Non Profit Human Rights Organization working together with a number of NGOs, Civil Rights Movements and Human Rights groups worldwide. It was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. ICAACT was created to obtain evidence of serious Human Rights abuses for Victims of Electronic Terrorism worldwide, their aim is to obtain evidence and they encourage you to report TI situation. http://icaact.org/about-icaact.html  or 707-720-7137 (USA PST)

International Electronic Harassment Conference (Berlin, March 2016) - This annual human rights conference aims to create awareness on the covert harassment of civilians. Not only whistle blowers, activists and political opponents are targeted, but also thousands of innocent civilians are subjected to non-consensual testing and mind control experimentation by a myriad of non-lethal weapons and covert community harassment. Conference Video Lectures…

More Support Links to various international organizations and support resources


A New York Times article “The United States of Paranoia" by Mike McPhate (June 2016) discusses differing opinions on the Electronic Harassment issues The Article …

“CHAMELEO: A Strange but True Story” (2014) by Robert Guffey,  lecturer on conspiracy theories in the Department of English at California State University, gives us a mesmerizing version of the truth that is stranger than fiction.  Chameleo is a true account of what happened in a seedy Southern California town when an enthusiastic and unrepentant heroin addict named Dion Fuller sheltered a U.S. Marine who’d stolen night vision goggles and perhaps a few top secret files from a nearby military base.  Dion found himself arrested (under the ostensible auspices of The Patriot Act), jailed, interrogated, released, and his bizarre electronic surveillance ensues.  The Book …

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