Cell Tower Lease

Cell carriers are pitching landowners with what may seem to be a great cell tower lease for the rights to put a cell site on their private land or building

Similarly, they are offering seemingly great rental deals to office building owners to put cell tower arrays on their roofs, high signage, flagpoles or light poles.  Some, such as schools and playgrounds (with high sports stadium light stands), and churches (with high bell towers and steeples) are glad to have the passive income, which can be hundreds or thousands of dollars a month depending upon the desirability of the cell coverage and various other factors.

However attractive the extra income it may seem, it is important to know the EMF health risks of cell tower microwave radiation exposure, especially to children. And it is also worth knowing that during a time when the wireless industry is constantly evolving, lease contracts are not always as equitable and reliable as many wireless landlords believe.

Cell Site Audits for Safety Mindedness

Firstly, if you have a contract with a cell carrier to have a cell tower or signal booster on your property or building, your cell site is driven by the cell tower lease contract that you have with the cell carrier.

Cell Tower Antenna Auditors from your city or municipality can help you check the terms and rates of your contract. and ensure that you've received all the documentation that should come with your contract, including how to break the lease.

Lease rates can be better determined by mapping your site; auditors can provide this type of map, usually at no charge. This will give you a good idea if the rates you are receiving are within the market range.

Cell Site Auditors can also make sure that all the permitting, insurance documents, and safety code records have been supplied to you with your cell tower lease agreement. Additionally, they check if the number of antennas that are installed on your site is in fact the same as on your contract. This is very important, for as surprising as it may sound there had been cases where the contract indicates that there are a certain number of antennas, where, in fact, there are three times that number of antennas installed.

Do You Know How your Nearby Cell Site is Effecting Your Health?

EMF Experts can come to your cell site and determine the EMF levels that the cell tower array is exposing you, your family or your neighborhood to.  This information can be very helpful for many practical purposes, primarily health-proofing yourself with EMF protection devices and materials.  At your request, they can also check your cell tower lease and let you know how your cell site impact compares to other cell sites in your area, and make helpful health mediating suggestions.

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