Using Airplane Mode
to Reduce your Cellphone Radiation Exposure

Airplane Mode is your First EMF Safety Defense

Putting your cellphone in Airplane Mode is easiest way to eliminate cellphone radiation exposure - for both you and those around you. This feature is specifically designed to suspend the phone's wireless function, like receiving calls, internet connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth etc., and so, by turning off the wireless function, your cellphone is prevented from generating wireless radiation.

At the same time, while the cellphone is in Airplane Mode, all the other functions of your cellphone that do not require wireless connectivity to work, like the clock, camera,  MP3 music player, light, photo album, non-online video games, etc., will still continue to function the same as usual.

Take a minute to learn the simple steps to using this "safety feature" on your cellphone, and in the process you will be able to help your friends observe your No Cellphone Zone more easily.

Respect a No Cellphone Zone  by using Call Forwarding

Often the biggest objection you will encounter when you ask your friends to put their phones in Airplane Mode is that they simply don't know how! And don't have the time to figure it out.

This one-page simple info sheet download was designed for you to hand to them, to give them the 3-step instructions and show how very easy it is.

Call Forwarding & Airplane Mode: Step by Step Guide

The second most common objection is that they simply must be avaialble "at the end of the phone" in case an important or expected call comes in.  Business people and young mothers are especially nervous about being unavailable by phone in case someone is trying to reach them in an emergency. 

It is not difficult to alleviate these concerns while at the same time respecting  a No Cellphone Zone.

Here's how ....  CALL FORWARDING to a landline!

If your friend, or you, expect to spend time at home or visiting a friend's home where there is a wired land-based phone line, you can temporarily forward cellphone calls to the landline phone, which will ring instantly and seamlessly with the calls coming in on your cellphone. The caller will not even know the call was forwarded.

If you need more info refer to the iPhones manufacturers site where you will find for your phone's entire user manual.  Other cellphone manufacturers will have similar user info, simply search online for the 'call forwarding instructions', or 'airplane mode instructions',  for your cellphone make/model.

For example, here is the Apple Manufacturer's Instruction Page for Activating Airplane Mode in iPhones.

Courtesy No Cellphone Zones

Whether or not a No Cellphone Zone sign is posted, it is especially considerate to use Airplane Mode and/or Call Forwarding when you are visiting a sick friend.  If your friend is already ill with electro-hypersenisitivity (EHS) you must  do this automatically or you will endanger their lives.

Others sensitive situations for eliminating cellphone radiation using airplane mode and call forwarding are:

  • every time (without fail) that you are around a pregnant or nursing woman, or  someone with an infant
  • wherever young children are present (particularly in large gatherings like school events),
  • visiting a hospital where your cell signals can interfere with hospital wireless technology (similar to an airplane) etc.
  • visiting a dentist, hair dresser, etc where  your cellphone radiation (at near proximity) will add immensely to the total radiation already present in the process.
  • visiting an elderly person, or anyone who's immune system is 'fighting something'.

There are practically limitless other situations where a courtesy No Cellphone zone is called for, but this gives you the idea and will get you started.

And it is so easy you can do it with three taps on your cellphone screen:

Call Forwarding & Airplane Mode: Step by Step Guide

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