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EMF Documentaries and Videos

The following collection of videos may be purchased, rented, viewed online, or available on YouTube, Vimeo etc., depending on their owners.

Note: some of the following are available on YouTube, others may be purchased or licensed, and others may be available through your local library.


is produced by Delaney Ruston, M.D. and mother of two teenagers. It is being licensed world-wide by schools, parents and communities to raise awareness and open conversations on the issues surrounding excessive screen time and our children (67 minutes):


Generation Zappedexpected to be released in 2017, is produced by award-winning film maker Sabine El Gemayel to investigate and educate the public on the biological hazards of wireless technology:

Full Signal - The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones (62 minutes): Interviews with scientists, journalists, activists, lawyers and lawmakers on the effects of the proliferation of cellular technology in our society, 2011:


Thank you to Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D. and retired U.S. government physicist, for sharing recommended videos on the impact of wireless technology:

(1) Resonance - Beings of Frequency (89 minutes)
Produced by James Russell of the U.K.
Focuses on cell towers and cell phones and provides some of the history of the discovery of the sensitivity of humans to electromagnetic radiation.

(2) Take Back Your Power (about 2 hours)
Three-minute excerpt on harmful effects and allowable radiation limits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64SIGJnAGeU&feature=youtu.be
Produced by Josh del Sol.
Focuses on Wireless Smart Meters.
See especially the list found here:
Lists Smart Meter opposition web sites throughout the USA, reflecting growing public concern about exposure to radiation from wireless Smart Meters in particular.

(3) Smart Meters - The Health Challenge of Our Time (43 minutes)
Produced by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.
Provides a detailed look at the biological impact of radiofrequency/microwave radiation.

(4) Smart Meters - A Little Too Smart? (about 5 minutes)
Produced by Jerry Day.
Focuses on the privacy issue raised by Smart Meters.

(5) Searching for a Golden Cage (about 13 minutes)
A film by Nadav Neuhaus
Focuses on just one of the many life-changing consequences of too much exposure to wireless technology -- electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS.

(6) This is Not a Tree (about 44 minutes)
by B. Theidea
An informal look, by a very aware individual, at the startling expansion of the installation of cell towers in his community.

(7) The Sounds of Different RF Radiation Sources with a HF Analyzer (about 3 minutes)
We cannot see, hear, or smell RF radiation, which makes it hard for the public to realize that it is there. But it is there. This video translates digital RF signals from common wireless devices into sounds to give you some idea of what they are like.

(8) Microwaves, Science & Lies (90 minutes)

by Jean Heches and Nancy de Meritens
This documentary describes how the cellular telephone industry and its many allies have endeavored successfully to suppress public awareness of the growing body of biomedical research that finds biological effects of significance from exposure to the microwave radiation from cell phones and cell towers. This French film has been translated into English very competently. This documentary is available for $25.  This documentary may also be “rented” from an on-line web service called Vimeo. Once “rented” for a charge of $5, you may view the documentary anytime in the following 48 hour period. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/17755/89417454

(9) Electromagnetic Radiation Health for Children 2014 (70 minutes)
by Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, a UK physician
This video is a wide ranging overview of the impact of electromagnetic radiation on human health, particularly at microwave frequencies, with a special emphasis on children and the school environment.

(10) Current Concepts in Diagnosis and Management of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (36 minutes)
by Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, a UK physician
This video is a talk presented to the British Society for Ecological Medicine, Electromagnetic Radiation & Health Conference, London, March 7, 2014. The talk reviews selected information presented also in (9) above and then focuses on the diagnosis and management of the health impact of electromagnetic radiation. This is a fast moving overview for a medical audience, with important observations for all audiences.

(11) Cell Phones Cause Cancer (October 17, 2012) (9 minutes)
By Jimmy Gonzalez, Esq.
This video is the powerful testimony of Jimmy Gonzales, attorney and retired marine, who developed cancer in his left hand (nerve tumor), in his brain (glioblastoma multiforme, level 4), and at the aortic bifurcation after using a cell phone for ten years. He made this video to warn others. Two years later, brain cancer took his life at age 42. More about his life can be learned from his obituary here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/sunsentinel/obituary.aspx?pid=173313910

(12) WiFi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health – Barrie Trower (14 minutes)
By Barrie Trower
British physicist and microwave expert, Barrie Trower, explains the health risks associated with microwave exposure from WiFi and other sources, with a special emphasis on genetic damage to female eggs and the propagation of that damage to every successive generation. (“Cot death”, referenced in the video, is also known as “crib death” and “sudden infant death syndrome”.)

(13) Maryland woman suffers acute radiation exposure from a bank of smart meters (January 21, 2015) (3 minutes)
Maryland Smart Meter Awareness (http://MarylandSmartMeterAwareness.org) volunteers visited a Maryland resident to help her share her story about the suffering she endured when she was unknowingly exposed to the electromagnetic radiation from a bank of 26 smart meters on the other side of the wall of the condo into which she had just moved.

(14) Maryland resident experiences adverse health effects from Smart Meter (March 7, 2013) (3 minutes)

Garic Schoen of Gaithersburg, MD testifies about a setback to his health that occurred when a Wireless Smart Meter was installed on his dwelling without his knowledge or approval.

(15) Wi-Fi in Schools (September 9, 2013)

This video emphasizes the need for a precautionary approach to Wi-Fi in schools to protect the health of children. Produced by Wi-Fi In Schools Australia. Superb, straightforward production with effective assistance from animation.

(16) 1000’s of smart meter fires: New whistleblower & court evidence (July 14, 2015)

Brian Thiesen present information on the causes and prevalence of fires caused by Smart Meter fires, and demonstrates that both poor design and improper installation are among the causes. Typically, the electric power companies blame the homeowner for the fires, even though the homeowner has no control over any of the causes.

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