An Inside Look at Dirty Electricity Filters:
Stetzer and Greenwave

"Dirty electricity" is a pop-term coined to describe the harmonics (or frequencies other than the "clean" 50 Hz or 60 Hz) that piggyback on electrical current.  Harmonics have traditionally been unwanted by the utility companies since they make the electrical lines less efficient, but today it has also come to be known as a biological hazard.

Dirty electricity is created on the electrical lines by many electronics, appliances, and other devices (refer to the list below) that run on electricity. It is becoming more common in our living environment because many modern devices cannot operate using standard 50 or 60 AC electricity and so they must “manipulate” the electrical current in one way or another, using such things as transformers, switch mode power supply etc. in order to make use of electrical power. These manipulations results in putting frequencies, spikes, pulses, and other abnormalities  on the electrical lines that were never intended to be there.  Electrical power lines were intended to deliver only the current that they were designed to carry - 50 Hz or 60Hz. 


Products That "Filter" Dirty Electricity

Many new products are coming on the market today, which are said  to "clean up dirty electricity", or "filter out dirty electricity", and two of those are Stetzerizer and Greenwave  filters. In this video we take a look at how these "filters" work, what they themselves do to "manipulate" the current, and while reducing the harmonics on the current creating greater magnetic fields and all the biological safety problems associated with magnetic field EMF exposure.

Part of the Problem -
Dirty Electricity Filter Disinformation  Marketing

When you understand what dirty electricity actually is and how these filters work,  when you run across the many websites online promoting them you can spot the disinformation and misinformation in a second, and you begin to grasp the magnitude of the problem that the lack of good information available regarding EMF protection devices creates.

Here for example, are a few of the innumerable  (disinformation) claims made by online affiliates marketing these types of filters, in this case the Stetzerizer Dirty Electricity Filter:


"Dirty electricity is one volatile form of electrical energy,"

"Over the last decade our AC electrical power supply has become increasingly "dirty". It's become contaminated with dangerous radio-frequency radiation - known to cause adverse health - including cancer. This "dirty" electricity is considered by many experts to be the most biologically active electromagnetic pollution, and therefore the most dangerous."

"A surge of electrical energy radiates into living environments in the form of voltage transients and spikes"

"Most of us assume that the danger from electricity is confined to the electrical wires in our homes, schools and workplaces, but in fact it's becoming increasingly contaminated with invisible microsurges of dangerous radio-frequency radiation, now referred to as "dirty electricity".

"Dirty electricity is a term coined by the electrical utility industry to describe electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by plugging incompatible electronics into the electric grid or outlets in your home or at work."

"this potentially harmful energy [dirty electricity] radiates into living environments and couples to our bodies as an electrical charge."

"These filters are the most tested, Most Proven EMF Protection available... period."

Part of the Solution -
Reducing the Common Causes Dirty Electricity

Replacing these devices, or reducing your use of these common causes of dirty electricity will help to lower  dirty electricity on our power lines for all of us, since electrical currents travel on the wires from home to home:.

Light dimmer switches, Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes, Computers and laptops, Printers and scanners, Televisions, Music Entertainment Systems, Video game systems, Cordless phone system, energy-efficient lights.

SMART meters and appliances, Wi-Fi routers and modems, Battery charging devices for cell phones, tablets, etc.,Microwave Ovens,Blenders and mixers, Hair Dryers, Multi-Speed Fans, Solar power systems.

One of the best ways to eliminate dirty electricity in your sleeping areas is simply to turn off the power to those rooms during the night, right at your electrical service box. 

During the day, keeping your distance from the electrical wires in your walls, and the devices (listed above) in your home that are creating the dirty electricity on those wires, is also a sensible defense strategy.   

Bottomline is that there are many better ways to reduce dirty electricity other than the use of filters that may create more problems than they solve.