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EMF Experts Newsletter #001
August 25, 2017

EMF Experts Newsletter

Summer 2017 - Chris Young, P.E., Founder

Encouraging News for Smart Meter Customers

We are excited to share several video interviews that will tap you into the heart and soul of the InPower Movement and the successes being achieved by Smart Meter Liability Action — how it works, why it works, and how each of us can participate to opt-out, halt or reverse the smart meter roll-out occurring around the world.

InPower Movement InPower Movement Web Site

Limited Number of “$1,000 Scholarships” Now

available for Sept 20th EMF Consultant Certification Training EMF Experts is awarding a $1,000 scholarship to selected subscribers of our newsletter - unheard of support that will only be offered one time only. If you have been considering EMF Consultant Training, now is the time!

First 10 Registrants from this Newsletter will be Awarded this $1,000 Scholarship

EMF Consultant Certifiation Training Scholarship

California Health Dept Hid Documents

Regarding Safe Cellphone User Guidelines since 2010 Guidelines that were meant to enlighten the public about the risks of cell phone radiation and EMF exposure have been finally released by Superior Court order, after seven years of stonewalling. More information on this document containing best practices for avoiding harm and staying safe while using a cell phone at the following link.

California Dept of Health Hidden Documents

World Map of EMF-Free Locations

Join the Map for Electrosensitive Resources & Support Place your “pin on the map” at the following link to connect with people who share EHS and other environmental disorders, list your people-helping-people EMF services, or share information on your EMF-free location, community or retreat.

EHS Disease Map Worldwide - self entry

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